Sheet metal oxy-fuel and plasma cutting

Ossitaglio Veronese processes different types of steel with quality, according to the regulations in force. The plasma cutting varies from 3 mm to 20 mm of thickness and the oxy-fuel cutting varies from 20 mm to 450 mm of thickness. After cutting the sheet metal, the manual cleaning is carried out with the aid of a grinding wheel, and on request is also performed the bevelling or the bending of the pieces.

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OXY-FUEL cutting

The company carries out oxy-cutting operations, this procedure for sheet metal cutting uses the oxyacetylene flame and a pure oxygen jet that, burning, perforate and cut ferrous metal containing carbon. Since the beginning the company carefully realizes with precision the operations requested by the customers, using highly specific and modern equipment: three computer numerical control (CNC) oxy-fuel cutting machines that perform high precision and quality cuts and that guarantee an excellent product, even over large series and thick pieces.

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PLASMA cutting

The company, in addition, owns a plasma cutting machine controlled by an advanced programming system, that guarantees high definition cuts and high finishing and tolerance products. A gas is blown at high pressure by a nozzle, and simultaneously through this gas an electric arc is created between an electrode and the surface to be cut, that turns the gas in plasma. The plasma transfers heat to the metallic material until the melting temperature is reached in order to break the continuity of the metal.

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Areas of use

of workmanships

Ossitaglio Veronese reserves its activities to various sectors: petrochemical, earthmoving, industrial constructions, large high-tech installations, mechanical workshops, metallic carpentry and so on. All works are carried out strictly observing the instructions provided by the customers.

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