A cornerstone in the sale of metal sheets

in Vallese di Oppeano, Verona province

Among the many engineering companies in the province of Verona, Ossitaglio Veronese stands out for professionalism and reliability. Our sheets are marketed whole or cut to size, in both small and large thicknesses, in various sizes, and in the various types of steel.

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Equipment and security

Ossitaglio Veronese always uses modern equipment for lifting sheet metal, capable of listing 10 to 20 tons. This ensures maximum speed and safety during the various loading and unloading procedures.

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Metal sheets of all sizes

In addition to oxygen cutting and plasma work, we sell whole and small sized sheets throughout Vallese di Oppeano, Verona. These can be of either small or large thicknesses, in various sizes, and made from various types of steel.

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